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Yummy Crepes with Fruit and Yogurt Recipe #Nutrisystem


Yummy Crepes, with Fruit and Yogurt Recipe Recipe #Nutrisystem

This is a super quick and inexpensive recipe for crepes, with fruit and yogurt, that you can serve for an easy and elegant treat!

There’s only a few ingredients, and it’s quick and easy… and in just a few minutes you can be enjoying an awesome and healthy treat.  You can vary which fruits you want to use, and even mix and match if desired. Very similar to making pancakes, same process, just thinner (and we LIKE thinner, right?)  The cost of the crepes is about 50 cents, about 50 cents for yogurt, and of course the cost of fruit varies depending on what you’re using.  All in all, you can make this recipe at a very low cost.

The crepe and strawberries are both Smart Carbs, yogurt is a Power Fuel! Join us as the GimmieGirls Lose It in their quest to lose 300 lbs in 4 months on Nutrisystem!  This Yummy Crepes recipe is a perfect snack in the Nutrisystem daily meal plan.

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