Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe | @NinjaKitchen

Trying to get healthy? Grab this super tasty treat that’s ready in minutes and costs under $1. Wouldn’t be the same without my Ninja blender!


Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe | @NinjaKitchen

I’ve been trying to eat healthier. I saw an infomercial for a Ninja blender and found myself quietly mocking the actors. About 8 minutes into it I was nodding in agreement, and halfway through I was committed to having one of these marvelous contraptions for my very own.  I mean, it is amazing!

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So, when the Ninja Kitchen folks offered me a Ninja Blender to review I was beyond excited!  I used it to make this quick afternoon pick-me-up. Get a full serving of fruit in one glass. Plus, vitamins and antioxidants. Can’t beat that!

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I used frozen berries (frozen raspberry, blueberries and acai) I got from Costco. I’m guesstimating it cost me about $1 to make this smoothie, and it tasted fantastic!  No sugar added; I used natural Stevia sweetener.