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Tres Hombres Recipe | Pura Vida Tequila Review #livingpuravida


Tres Hombres Recipe | Pura Vida Tequila Review #livingpuravida

Have you heard of Pura Vida Tequila?  Check out my review of this fabulous tequila and my Skinny Margarita (a yummy and guilt-free margarita) and my Pancho Villa recipe (similar to a Bloody Mary, but made with tequila).  While you’re at it, get creative with all the Pura Vida Recipes!

Introducing: The Pura Vida Tres Hombres

As you probably know, in Spanish “tres” means “three” and “hombres” means “man, usually one of a particular type” (e.g. “he’s one tough hombre”).  So, literally translated this drink’s name means “three guys”.  After you read the ingredient list, and especially after your first tastes, you’ll agree – The Pura Vida Tres Hombre is one tough hombre!

Featuring all three of the finest Pura Vida tequilas – Gold (Reposado), Silver and Añejo along with Pura Vida Naranja Orange Liqueur – means you’re getting a full two ounces of liquor in each drink. Unless you mix them a little heavy, you know, so you don’t have to make as many. 😉  Add to that orange juice, lime juice and agave sweetener and you’ll get a yummy-yet-highly potent margarita-esque drink that is sure to get any party started!


About Pura Vida

Pura Vida translates to “the good life.” They’re totally devoted to growing the perfect blue agave to make this tequila.  They figure they need it to make the best tequila known to man.  Seriously, Pura Vida Tequila wins awards all over the place. And critics? They don’t just say it’s good, they say it’s the best tequila they’ve ever tasted. These are critics who are supposed to be… well, critical.

awardsWe feel that Pura Vida Reposado really offers something special and unique to the tequila category. It represents elegance and class all while delivering a stunning flavor profile with elegant smoothness and beautiful package design” – Victoria Vann, Executive Editor for BIN

Beverage Industry News (BIN) has served the U.S. Beverage Industry for eighty plus years and is one of the most widely read and respected beverage trade publications in the country.

Pura Vida Price

Despite being critically acclaimed, compared to other name brands on the market it is actually LESS expensive.  Check out the Pura Vida price comparison below (click images to enlarge):

comparison-price comparison-price2

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And stay tuned! I’ll be sharing recipes I make with Pura Vida Tequila over the next few weeks!