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Toasted Pizza Cheese Recipe

Toasted Pizza Cheese sandwich

What is a Toasted Pizza Cheese

I love taking something ordinary and turning it into something amazing. That certainly happened when I made Toasted Pizza Cheese for my kids. I happened upon a wonderful bread and a farmers market labeled “Four Cheese Pepperoni”. And the thought struck me: with some good slices of 4 cheese Italian blend cheese and some turkey pepperoni, I could make an amazing Toasted Pizza Cheese sandwiches. My kids watched as I sliced the bread thinly and evenly as I could, to start working on the sandwiches. We chose turkey pepperoni because of its low fat content. We didn’t want our sandwiches all greasy! With a side of tomato basil soup, this made an amazing lunch and could make an amazing dinner.

Making Toasted Pizza Cheese Sandwiches

The hard part of making Toasted Pizza Cheese sandwiches honestly was slicing bread thin. You can use any bread you desire, but I found the four cheese pepperoni bread had a wonderful flavor that lends itself naturally to the Toasted Pizza Cheese sandwich. Once the sandwich was assembled, I use melted butter that I brushed on the outside of the bread to help toast the sandwich. I find that it is much easier to use a melted butter then to try to spread firm butter over the soft bread. I’ve also found that just putting butter in the pan ends up with scorch butter. And that doesn’t make for a good sandwich at all!

Making Toasted Pizza Cheese Sandwiches Even Better

You can make Toasted Pizza Cheese sandwiches even better by serving with them with hot tomato basil soup that you added a little garlic to, as it mimics a good pizza sauce. Or you can simply warm your favorite pizza sauce and serve it in a little bowl with the  Toasted Pizza Cheese.  You can get creative and place a few extra slices of pepperoni on top of the Toasted Pizza Cheese for a pizza-like look.  Any way you serve Toasted Pizza Cheese, your family will rave over the wonderful flavor!