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Tasty Caesar Salad Recipe #Nutrisystem

caesar salad recipe

Tasty Caesar Salad Recipe #Nutrisystem

I love Caesar salads. Yum. So I put together this one to go along with the Nutrisystem guidelines and plan. It’s still super tasty and feels like a “treat” to me. This is also great to have as at lunch time. The lunch bars that Nutrisystem has are so tasty and feel more like a dessert, lol. So having the salad for an “entree” at lunch and the bar as a treat is great.

This is so simple to throw together. The salad dressing counts as an “Extra”, the bacon and parmesan cheese both count as Power Fuels, and the salad counts as your daily vegetable serving (4 servings daily).

Join us as the GimmieGirls Lose It in their quest to lose 300 lbs in 4 months on Nutrisystem!