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Snowball Cookies Recipe

Snowball Cookies


Snowball Cookies

Holidays in my house always means extra baking, whether it’s for family and friends or for us to just indulge in. I’ve found so many fun and easy cookie recipes for the Holidays and seem to bake up something new each and every year. I’ve started a tradition for other family members and friends for Holiday gifts and that’s baking up goodie bags filled with Holiday sweets and treats. It’s turned out to be a big hit and now everyone expects that bag of treats each and every year! My kids love to partake in this as well and help out in the kitchen!

When you have that many treats to bake in a short amount of time, it can get pretty stressful, so I love to try and find easy recipes that don’t require too many ingredients, or ingredients I already have at hand in my home. I found this super easy snowball cookie recipe and luckily I had everything already and this didn’t leave me taking a trip to the grocery store to grab the ingredients! This is a really fun and tasty recipe and my kids loved to help (and help eat them)!

Check out the recipe below for a fun, festive and simple Holiday cookie recipe to add to your baking list this year!