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No-Bake Watermelon Cake – Must Have for Summer BBQs

watermelon cake

No-Bake Watermelon Cake – Must Have for Summer BBQs

My friend Pinned this on Pinterest, and I just knew I had to try it. I love that before you cut it, it looks just like real cake! Secretly, it’s watermelon cut into the shape of a cake.  My family was so surprised!  I “frosted” with sugar-free Cool Whip. The sweet watermelon tasted terrific with the sweet creamy taste of Cool Whip on it. You’ve got to try this!!

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Watermelon is healthy and contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  A serving of watermelon (approximately 1 cup) has only 46 calories. This sweet treat combined with a serving of Cool Whip (2 tablespoons) has less than 75 calories! The Cool Whip also adds Calcium and Iron to your healthy intake.


Photo credit & grab the complete instructions at I Save A 2 Z!