Mice Krispy Treats

Take a look at this yummy Mice Krispy Treats recipe! Perfect for your Halloween parties, or even just as a fun any time treat for the kids! Give it a try!


Mice Krispy Treats

My little girl, and I decided to come up with a fun post Halloween recipe to creep everyone out, We had a box of of Cocoa Pebbles we needed to get through, and just so happened to of had a bag of marshmallows hiding away in the back of one of my cabinets. So we knew we were making some cereal treats!

At first we were going to mold them into something to do with poo, but we had just put together a nice poo filled Kitty Litter Cake (see recipe) the week before. The brown color of the chocolate cereal reminded me of mice, and I realized how easily you could mold their shape. And so our Mice Krispy Treats were born!

We really enjoyed ourselves putting this one together! Adding all of the little features kind of gives each of them their own personality. These are a tasty addition to our recipe collection for sure! Check out the recipe below, and give it a try yourself!

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