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Mediterranean Cucumber Salad Recipe


Mediterranean Cucumber Salad Recipe

This salad is great to make while your garden is in full swing (or if you’re visiting a nearby farmer’s market).  Enjoy it while cucumbers and tomatoes are ripe on the vine!  If you’ve got fresh herbs available, that makes it even better!

Two common questions about cucumbers involve whether you should eat the skin and the seeds. Both the skins and seeds of cucumbers are both rich in nutrients. In fact, the nutrient richness of both plant parts is significantly higher than the flesh. For this reason, consumption of both skins and seeds is desirable from a nutritional standpoint.  FYI: Both conventionally grown and organically grown cucumbers may have been waxed. Conventionally grown cucumbers may be waxed with synthetic waxes that contain unwanted chemical contaminants. For conventionally grown cucumbers, it is recommended to remove the waxed skin.  It is also recommended to thoroughly wash the whole cucumber under cool running water while gently scrubbing with a natural bristle brush.

When choosing cucumbers…they should be firm, rounded at their edges, and their color should be a bright medium to dark green. Avoid cucumbers that are yellow, puffy, have sunken water-soaked areas, or are wrinkled at their tips.  Cucumbers should be stored in the refrigerator where they will keep for several days.

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