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Ginger Chicken w/Rice #BodyByVi

Ginger Chicken w/Rice

Ginger Chicken w/Rice #BodyByVi

In case you hadn’t already heard, all 7 GimmieGirls (and guy!) are taking the 90-day Challenge with BodyByVi! Follow our progress in this post.

Why pay high prices to eat out at Asian restaurants when you can make this tasty dish at home!  For my recipe this week, I’d thought do another main dish instead of a shake recipe. Our daily diet routine is a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch, and then healthy dinner on our own.  I made this Ginger Chicken w/Rice for my husband last night, and he loved it! Ginger is one of those spices that I always forget about… and it’s really good!

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We had leftover rice and also cooked chicken… that makes the recipe super easy and fast.  True confession:  I can NOT handle chopsticks.  But, they look cool in the picture.  🙂

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