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Gimmie’s Beer Brats Recipe & Wisco Brat ‘n Curd Panini Sandwich (with Coupons)


Gimmie’s Beer Brats Recipe & Wisco Brat ‘n Curd Panini Sandwich (with Coupons)

YUM!! Here’s a great way to use up those bratwurst you grilled over the 4th of July!  First, we’ll share our yummy Beer Brat recipe and then we’ll share what to do with leftover brats. A real taste of Wisconsin: brats and cheese curds, melted into a toasted panini sandwich. Yah sure!

Gimmie’s Beer Brats

Brats ‘n beer are a favorite in the Midwest. These yummy sausages are a hearty addition to any backyard barbecue. Since we’re vacationing at my family’s lake house, I couldn’t resist cooking up some local flavor.


  • Package of raw bratwursts
  • 4 cans of cheap beer (any type, cheap beer works just fine and doesn’t waste the good stuff 😉 )


  • Pour 4 cans of beer into a large pan
  • Place raw brats in beer so they’re completely covered
  • Boil beer ‘n brats over high heat until brats turn a grey color. (They’re red when they’re raw)
  • Drain beer into sink and barbecue brats until cooked thoroughly
  • Serve in a brat bun (wheat or white – similar to a hot dog but, but usually larger) with your favorite condiments: ketchup, mustard, relish, sour kraut, etc.
  • Enjoy!

What to do with leftover brats? Make this!

Gimmie’s Wisco Brat & Curd Panini Sandwich


  • Cooked bratwurst sausage (see recipe above)
  • Hand full of Wisconsin Cheese Curds
  • Your choice of condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, kraut)
  • Two slices of bread
  • Panini maker, toaster or frying pan


  • Slice cooked brat into thin slices or strips, stack onto bottom piece of sandwich bread
  • Chop Cheese Curds into small chunks and sprinkle on brats
  • Smear mayo on top piece of bread, place on top of sandwich
  • Press in Panini maker for 2 minutes until toasty
    (optionally, toast bread first and assemble sandwich – or toast in frying pan coated with Pam non-stick cooking spray


Here are some great coupons to use on your next Barbecue splurge!