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A Month of Easy & Fun School Lunch Recipes @Gimmiefreebies_Recipes

Check out all these awesome recipes on Gimmie!

A Month of Easy & Fun School Lunches

If you’re trying to save money on school lunches, but want a healthy well-balanced meal for your child that will propel them through their day, check out this list of Easy & Fun School Lunches! We have recipes for your lunchbox that will put a smile on any kids’ face!

Check out these recipes already on Gimmie:

  1. Healthy Waldorf Salad Recipe
  2. Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich Recipe
  3. Flatout Awesome Chicken Wraps
  4. Mediterranean Cucumber Salad
  5. Mashed Potato Salad Recipe
  6. Fun Cereal Treats
  7. Muenster Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  8. Summer Salad Recipe
  9. Southwest Cilantro Lime Salad Recipe
  10. Black Bean & Cheese Burrito
  11. Lettuce & Chicken Wrap
  12. DIY Rainbow Jello Cups
  13. Crunchy Cran-Nutty Chicken Salad Recipe
  14. Crab Salad Sandwich Recipe
  15. Easy Pizza Rolls Recipe
  16. Zesty Tomato Mozz Salad
  17. Tasty Caesar Salad Recipe
  18. Garlic Pepper Jack Bagel
  19. Tasty Taco Salad
  20. Easy Grilled Cheese Recipe

Well Balanced Meal

Preparing a well-balanced meal is easy!  Just keep this plate in mind. You want more veggies and grain (whole grain is best!) Next is milk/dairy and meat/fish and other proteins. And last is sweets or fats.  You can balance your meals by actually visualizing how much of each thing is on the plate. After a few days it will become second nature.