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Fun Lollipop Cookies Recipe


Fun Lollipop Cookies Recipe @GimmieFreebie_Recipes

This past weekend my little girl was away staying the night with my sister. I decided I was going to surprise her with gimmie-recipes-lollipop-cookies-2some cute treats when she got home the next day. I went online searching for something colorful, and easy to make and I came across this adorable recipe for Lollipop Cookies. We have made decorated cookies on a stick before, but never have I tried to make them look like big lollipops. After looking through the cabinets, and fridge I found I had everything I needed, so I decided to give them a try.

They actually came out really cute! The entire process of making the cookies, then wrapping and tying them off took some time. So you will want to make these when you have some time to yourself. They are perfect for parties, and special holidays. You might even display them sticking out of a colorful vase like a big bouquet. That would make a fun & attractive party table centerpiece for sure!

Check out the recipe below, and give it a try!

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