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Easy Chicken Taco Recipe #Nutrisystem


Easy Chicken Taco Recipe #Nutrisystem

This is a super quick and easy way to jazz up your taco and make it extra healthy as well. One thing that I’ve found with my family, they don’t question whether or not it’s healthy as long as it tastes good.  This recipe is a great way to include nutritional food in their diet.  🙂

Here’s some nutritional information that shows that making some minor changes in your recipe can have some major benefits!

First, you can save 40 calories just by switching to fat-free cottage cheese.  A 1/2-cup serving of fat-free cottage cheese has only 80 calories (compared to a 1/2-cup serving of 4% fat product that has about 120 calories).

Next, you can save almost 100 calories just by using a whole wheat tortilla.  A wheat tortilla (six-inch diameter) has only 53 calories. compared to a flour tortilla that has 150 calories.

Then, add lean chicken breast and healthy vegetables, and you’ve got yourself an quick and easy and healthy meal!

Join us as the GimmieGirls Lose It in their quest to lose 300 lbs in 4 months on Nutrisystem! This chicken taco recipe has meets many of the Nutrisystem meal requirements.  The Grilled chicken is a PROTEIN, the tortilla is a SMART CARB, the cottage cheese is a POWERFUEL, the lettuce and tomatoes add vegetables to your meal.   Taco seasoning and lime juice both fall into the “unlimited extras” category, and you can even add 1 tablespoon of reduced-sodium salsa in the “limited extras” category.

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