DIY Orangina Recipe ~ Fresh Fruit Soda | SodaStream

No need to spend a bunch of money for Orangina at the store. Check out our DIY Orangina Recipe and make fresh fruit sodas at home on the cheap!

DIY Orangina Recipe

DIY Orangina Recipe ~ Fresh Fruit Soda | SodaStream

I love Orangina (pronounced “Or – an – gee – na”). It is by far my most favorite fresh fruit soda. Orangina originated in France. It is a carbonated citrus beverage made from orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit juices and contains orange pulp. It’s not easy to find. You usually have to go to specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods or order it online at Amazon. It’s also not cheap. I saw it on Amazon for about $26.99 for a 8 pack plus shipping. YIKES.

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With my newly acquired a SodaStream, I decided to make my own! If you have been thinking of getting one of these babies, check out my review of the SodaStream. Find out why I love it!

But, now onto the recipe!


  1. Fresh Citrus. You can use oranges, lemons, grapefruit, or mandarin oranges…whatever you can find.
  2. Sweetner (Splenda, Simple Sugar Syrup*, Agave, whichever you use) *Simple Sugar Syrup is a thick liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water.
  3. Seltzer/Carbonated Water



DIY Orangina Recipe

Step 1

Juice your citrus. You can strain the bigger chunks of pulp. Orangina is known for the pulp in the drink. You can elect to leave more or less – however you like!

DIY Orangina Recipe


Step 2

Add the sweetener. I used about a cup of simple syrup (simple sugar syrup is a thick liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water).

DIY Orangina Recipe


Step 3

Fill a glass about 1/3 of the way up with the citrus juice (or more if you like it sweet).

DIY Orangina Recipe

Step 4

Top off with seltzer/carbonated water! Enjoy your homemade Orangina!


Here’s my price breakdown:

One bag of oranges $3.79 at Aldi
One lemon $0.79
One cup of sugar $0.14 ($1.79 for a 3lb bag. 6.89 cups per 3lbs)

Total Cost for supplies not including seltzer water: $4.72

My recipe yielded 5 cups of citrus juice/simple syrup combo. I used about 1/3 of juice per glass. That’s 15 1/3- cup servings.  One liter of seltzer is about 3.53  cups. So let’s say you are going to need 4 liters of seltzer (about 14 cups)  to use up all the citrus juice.

  • 4 x $.25 = $1 for my cost of Seltzer water (One liter of Seltzer Water $0.25 ~that’s the cost of carbonating my own water with my SodaStream)
  • Plus $4.72 for Citrus Juice/Syrup Combo
  • $5.72 (total cost of supplies) / 15 servings = $0.38 a glass (10.5 oz)

Even if you purchase seltzer water for a $1 a liter, you are still paying  less:

  • 4 x $1 per liter of seltzer water  = $4
  • $4 + $4.72 for Citrus Juice/Syrup Combo = $8.72
  • $8.72/15 servings = $0.58 a glass (10.5 oz)

Now let’s revisit how much Amazon was selling the Orangina:

An 8 pack of Orangina (10 oz bottles) for $26.99 (not including shipping)
That’s $3.27 a bottle (10 oz)

There you have it! Of course there is a little work involved with making your own fresh fruit sodas, but the benefits of making your own drinks are priceless! You have complete control on what is going in your drinks and can tweak it to your own tastes. Give it a try!