CopyCat Burger King Zesty Sauce

Check out my CopyCat Burger King Zesty Sauce recipe! Just 5 ingredients, and its great on everything! Easily make it right at home in 5 minutes or less!


CopyCat Burger King Zesty Sauce

I love using sauces to pair with foods, whether it be to enhance their flavors, or make them more enjoyable. My favorite sauces are those which are spicy! A little bit of heat can really add something special to the right foods!

Burger King is one of my favorite stops to eat out on the go. You just cannot beat the taste of their char-broiled burgers! At some point over the years I decided to dip my burger in their *Zesty Sauce*, and I was hooked! If you are not familiar with their *Zesty Sauce* it is a delicious savory, and spicy Onion Ring Sauce with just enough horseradish to get you wanting more. I now request the sauce every time we stop in! Just recently I told my fiance that Burger King should bottle it up, and sell it in stores that way I could always get my *fix*! 😉

I am impatient though, and finally decided to try and make my own at home! After picking up some jarred horseradish at the store, and playing around with some other ingredients best matched to those listed on the sauce’s label ..I GOT IT, and I used just 5 ingredients!

Check the recipe out below, and give it a try yourself.  It tastes just like the original, and now you can jar it up, and keep it in the refrigerator to enjoy right at home!



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