Cashew Carrot Paté Recipe #Nutrisystem

This is got to be the strangest stuff ever, and it’s so good and flavorful!

Cashew Carrot Paté

Cashew Carrot Paté Recipe #Nutrisystem

Here is a healthy Cashew Carrot Paté recipe that is easy to make and amazingly good!  This is got to be the strangest stuff ever, and it’s so good and flavorful!

This can be made in a blender or food processor (note:  I need to research finding a better blender or food processor… any suggestions?)  Just drop the ingredients into the blender, hit “frappe” (or whatever blender setting you prefer), and in just minutes you’ve got this super awesome, super healthy snack!  It’s very versatile, you can serve it on some whole wheat pita chips, vegetables, or even on a lettuce leaf.

The cost of this paté is about 50 cents per serving.  All in all, you can make this recipe at a very low cost.

The cashews are a Power Fuel, and whole grain pita chips are a Smart Carbs, the carrots are, of course, in the vegetable category! Join us as the GimmieGirls Lose It in their quest to lose 300 lbs in 4 months on Nutrisystem!  This Cashew Carrot Paté Recipe is a perfect snack in the Nutrisystem daily meal plan.

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