Seasoned Zuke Logs Super Bowl App Recipe | Low Calorie Appetizer


Seasoned Zuke Logs Super Bowl App Recipe | Low Calorie Appetizer

Here’s a GREAT low calorie appetizer for the game day! It’s SO tasty, and it’s good for you!

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My Story – When it comes to football, my home-state boys are always a force to be reckoned with! The Green Bay Packers are practically a whole state away from me (I live in Western Wisconsin, while GB is on the Eastern WI border), but that doesn’t stop fan loyalty.  Even though they’re not going to the Super Bowl this year, my heart still belongs to the green and gold. I have to say that or my big brother will sit on me!

But, admittedly, I don’t watch football very much during the season.  For me, same goes for basketball, baseball, hockey – you name it.  I’m a playoff fan.  Don’t worry, Mr. Gimmie watches enough for the whole family. All. Season. Long.

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit my true reason for watching the Big Game – Super Bowl Commercials!  Last year’s commercial, narrated by Paul Harvey, “So, God made a farmer” was probably my favorite of all time.  I’m from a small farming community. You could say it really hit home. And I love me some Clydesdales, Coca-cola bears and all those wacky and outlandish marketing ploys.  It’s really the Super Bowl of marketing and advertising too.

But, enough about that!  What better way to celebrate the Big Game than with FOOD?!  It’s the one sporting event every year that sets records on how much food we consume as a nation.  Gluttony runs amok.  We celebrate our fandom by feeding our faces.

Seasoned Zuke Logs Super Bowl App Recipe

I made Seasoned Zuke Logs for the first time yesterday, and today they’re nothing but a fond memory. I ate almost all of them, stopping only to share a few with my mom!  They were crazy good! This is one low-cal snack that everyone will love.  At only 20 calories per piece, you can pig out without feeling guilty.

Cooking pretty food is FUN!  I felt all grown up and fancy, making these gorgeous appetizers. I preheated the oven and forgot to remove what was stored in it.  I never used to do that – store stuff in the oven. Apparently I shouldn’t do it now. There was a plastic pie pan container thingy which was really quite messy when it melted all over, leaving long strands of black plastic half-stuck to the oven and rack.  I giggled the whole time while cleaning it up, and went on about my day making these lovely appetizers. 😉

I used my new Good Cook Air Perfect Nonstick Baking Sheet which I am IN LOVE with!  I have a Good Cook air-filled cookie sheet that I bought 15+ years ago, and it’s still going strong. I love it so much I just bought two more.  The Good Cook Air Perfect baking sheet is unique in that there are two layers of metal with an air pocket in the middle that allows heat to distribute better than any regular cookie sheet.  I cannot bake cookies on a regular sheet anymore. This Air Perfect sheet never, ever, NEVER burns them! It’s magic!  And of course, this baking sheet comes with the Good Cook Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

This miraculous large cookie sheet is a baker’s delight. Its size is perfect for baking over a dozen cookies, toast garlic bread for your next family dinner or heating up your favorite pizza rolls. Features innovative air insulated design to distribute heat evenly for thorough baking without “hotspot” or burnt edges, flat edges allow baked goods to easily slide off onto the cooling rack and extra wide handles offer a comfortable grip for secure handling.

For the Big Game or any time you want a low-calorie, healthy & amazingly yummy treat, try making these seasoned zucchini appetizers. You will not believe how good they taste! This is one recipe you’ll want to SAVE and make often!

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